Friday, July 29, 2016

Summertime in Arizona is Spent Indoors

So summertime here is the best time for me to get creative! 
Since I have a beautiful "AIR CONDITIONED" studio what better way to stay cool and get some work done. So here are a few of the bags I've been working on.

This sweet clutch is made from a vintage wool embroidered pillow. I have added a nicer tassel since this photo was taken.

This cross body bag is large and roomy! Great market bag. It is made with soft leather and a European grain sack.

This one is made with a beautiful gray velvet and an antique crochet piece, I pick up on my travels. It an be worn cross body or on the shoulder.

This is another beautiful embroidered pillow that I took apart. 

This chair!!!  I found this wing back at a thrift store and had a slipcover made for it.  I think it turned out amazing!!  My friend Scott did a fabulous job.  I purchased the vintage French ticking when I was in Texas.  At Carol Hicks Bolton's shop in Fredericksburg! 

All of these pieces are available for purchase.
You can contact me at

Friday, July 15, 2016

Where Bloggers Create 2016 - Sacred Heart Studios

First and foremost I would like to thank my friend Karen Valentine for hosting this event.  It's only because of her that I have this blog and even attempt to post!!

I have been so busy traveling, junking and creating.  I just don't seem to take the time to post.  When I am home, I try to spend as much time as I can in my studio, it is my happy place.  I feel so blessed to have this space and the time to be creative.  Plus I have a very supportive husband who makes it easy for me to have this creative space.  
I have made some changes in my studio since the last blog party. I love to use antique and vintage pieces in my home and studio, but sometimes you need utility over looks.

So I changed out the antique piece I used as a cutting table with a "New" island. And it works great!  I love that it has storage and one side drops down for more space!

This old beat up drawer cabinet holds lots of pieces and parts for making jewelry and also my soldering supplies and all my different glues i need.

This amazing tall drawer cabinet, I've had for a couple of years now.  I brought back from a Texas junkin trip at Round Top!!

It holds more wonderful pieces. I know I have an issue, but we all have our
 addictions :)

I love having these old jars out so I can see all my little treasures.

Seeing all these beauties help to inspire me in the creative process.

I now have three machines! Not shown is a old heavy duty Juki. Now I can sew leather :)

 This one is made with a European grain sack, soft leather and an old belt.

This was my first try with leather and my Juki. I love vintage serapes. I have a chair covered in one. I guess I will have to do a post when I finish the transformation in my guestroom and master bedroom.

On this messenger bag I used a vintage french tapestry.

With several racks full of vintage and re-purposed fabric and lace. Yes I have been called a "Horder" !!

 And here are a few of my mannequin and dress form collection. The newest addition is this amazing French mannequin from 1900's. He has glass eyes and real hair. I love him!!

And I can't forget my sweet little assistants, Milo and PeeWee!

Thank you all for taking the time to peek into my little world. I hope you are inspired to create your own little space to do what makes your soul soar!!  
And I hope you enjoy all of the creative space that are posted on
 "Where Bloggers Create 2016"

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Romantic Country 2015 Winter Issue

I was so excited when Fifi O'Neil contacted me to ask if I would send her a few photos of my home. I wasn't sure if she would actually want to photograph it. But when she called me and asked if May would be a good time for her and photographer Mark Lohman to come to Phoenix to do the photo shoot, I was over the moon!! They were so easy to work with and both are very funny. They have a great working relationship. They kept me laughing and pretty much at ease. Fifi being quite the animal lover had to visit with my dogs. Milo and Pee Wee. Tim and I purchase this house about six years ago and slowly started remodeling it to making it our own. First we built my studio and planted trees. Then started painting and remodeling the kitchen. Then painted the trim outside and added shutters. Then came the wood floors. I knew what I wanted and kept up the search until I found the gray hand hued hardwoods we had installed. Then it was on to the bathrooms. The small bathroom was simple new tile, new sink and re-glaze the existing shower. Then came the most recent remodel, the main bathroom!! I spent many hours on the outer shower curtain. It is all made with vintage lace and crochet. Then trying to find a vintage piece for the vanity. That was hard. None of the pieces I liked had any storage and that is a must in a small home. So Tim and I started looking at new vanities and finally found one that had the storage and style I wanted. But it was a dark wood and that didn't work for me! So Annie Sloan to the rescue! I painted and waxed it for a few days till I had the color just right! Then the tile hunt began, so many options!!!! Finally the right one was found. Then came the hunt for the carrera marble for the vanity top and back splash. Done, done and done!! And my coffee table made the cover!! This current issue includes several of my talented friends. "Melrose Vintage" owned by my friend Wendy Christensen here in Phoenix, Marla Wheeler and Gale Brisa of "Matilda's Mouse" in San Diego and Rita Reade "Mamma Bell Arte" and "Vintage Market Place at the Oaks" in Rainbow California. Fifi and Mark also photographed "Rust & Roses" the amazing store my friend Shelly Session owns. And my friend Karen Valentine's beautiful home in Scottsdale. They will be in a future issue. Thanks again to everyone at Romantic Country!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm Sorry I haven't posted for a while.......

I was on the road visiting my sister and her family in New Mexico and Oklahoma. And then it was down to Texas to stay with my good friends Phyllis & Reggie. And "Junk" of course it was Antiques Weeks in Round Top Texas!!

This the view from Phyllis & Reggie's old farm house and these are the ladies that gave us fresh eggs everyday!!

Of course there is that yummy Texas Barbecue!!

Now that I'm back home I have started selling my clothing and jewelry creations at my friend 
Erin's Shop "Audrey's"
 Audrey's is located at 11649 N. Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Finally Have my Little Spot at "Rust and Roses" and will be having my 1st Trunk Show with my Clothing and Jewelry!!

I had so much fun putting this little space together!!  It turned out so beautiful, even if I do say so myself. LOL

I made some deer antler in to awesome art pieces by adding some rusty metal parts to them. I also made theses sweet little pendent lights from some chandelier parts I had. They look much better in person.

Lots of beautiful ironstone and sliver and great baskets!!

This chippy hutch is one of my fabulous finds from Texas, as was the old salvaged door that I added a mirror to.

This old rocker had some really ugly fabric on it, so I deconstructed it and now it is just so sweet!!

Lots of great frames and a sweet pendent light I made from antique lace remnants I was given by my sweet friend Wanda!!

 And of course I just had to add some doll heads and is that time of year after all :)

And I will also be having a Trunk Show with all my clothing and jewelry, so please come down and say hello!!

 Rust and Roses 
4200 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix

Starting tomorrow Oct 16th from 4 pm till 7 pm and Friday and Saturday 10 am till 5 pm

See ya'll there!!!