Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Finally Have my Little Spot at "Rust and Roses" and will be having my 1st Trunk Show with my Clothing and Jewelry!!

I had so much fun putting this little space together!!  It turned out so beautiful, even if I do say so myself. LOL

I made some deer antler in to awesome art pieces by adding some rusty metal parts to them. I also made theses sweet little pendent lights from some chandelier parts I had. They look much better in person.

Lots of beautiful ironstone and sliver and great baskets!!

This chippy hutch is one of my fabulous finds from Texas, as was the old salvaged door that I added a mirror to.

This old rocker had some really ugly fabric on it, so I deconstructed it and now it is just so sweet!!

Lots of great frames and a sweet pendent light I made from antique lace remnants I was given by my sweet friend Wanda!!

 And of course I just had to add some doll heads and is that time of year after all :)

And I will also be having a Trunk Show with all my clothing and jewelry, so please come down and say hello!!

 Rust and Roses 
4200 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix

Starting tomorrow Oct 16th from 4 pm till 7 pm and Friday and Saturday 10 am till 5 pm

See ya'll there!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Let the Adventure Begin!!!

I'm so excited to be heading back to Texas for "Round Top Antiques Week"  This time my friend Karen Valentine of "My Desert Cottage" will be hitting the road with me. And we are taking my big empty trailer to fill up. We need lots of great junk to fill Karen's space at "Rusty Saturdays" and my new space at "Rust and Roses".

Oh, I forgot to tell you!!! I will be joining Shelly Session at "Rust and Roses"!!
                     Shelly is off to the Midwest to search every Barn she finds for great junk.
                    And I plan on bringing back some fabulous treasures from Texas myself!!!

                      So with all this awesome junk coming back with us,  

                                     Rust & Roses will be having a

                                        "Barn Fresh Vintage Sale"

                          Shop early at the" Preview Party" on Thursday October 16th from 4-7 pm.
                                        The sale continues Friday & Saturday 10am -5pm

   I will also be bringing in all of my amazing original creations. One of a kind pieces of clothing, jewelry, bags and some altered pieces. All made from vintage and re-purposed materials. 

We hope to see you there!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

This is where the magic happens and I find my peace.

My little slice of heaven is a 400 sq ft studio.  And the best part is it's right out my back door.

 I have a love for vintage shoe clips.

 I like to hand dye some of my pieces.

I love my antique postal desk also.

I have filled it with wonderful vintage and found objects. To build my creations.

My clothing labels.

My jewelry making desk.

 I love my antique turquoise drawer cabinet I found in Texas and my European woodworkers bench from my friends at Uber Chic.

And of course I have my two little helpers, Milo and Pee Wee!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Few New Creations.....

So I have been busy working in my studio.  But I have to admit, I am not the best at editing and watermarking my photos.  I'm still learning and I have no patients when it comes to technical things!  But thankfully my friend Karen Valentine has enough patients for both of us :)

So here are a few of the pieces I have ready for you!  This sweet belt was fun to create with all of it's layers.
This little cross body bag is made from a vintage cut velvet runner, so yes that means that I have two available!!

                         This top I made with vintage crocheted pieces I dyed a beautiful turquoise.

Please feel free to contact me for information on purchasing any of these item. I'm still working on getting my Etsy shop set up.

Thanks so much for viewing my blog!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Laundry Room Transformation

My sweet hubby and I spent 8 hours yesterday working on our laundry room. Putting up antique ceiling tin and rusty galvanized roofing that I picked up in Oklahoma last fall. The vintage double sink is from my friends at Rusty Saturdays! The antique cabinet is one of my great San Diego finds. I still need to make a skirt for the sink base. Put shelves in the cabinet and some old enamel brackets for a shelf over the washer and dryer. And putting up a rod to hang up clothes. I look forward to it getting done, but it's so much better then it was when we started :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Giving some dimension to this batch of linens. I love hanging them on the line to dry......and here in Phoenix it doesn't take long at all!

 I hope you all have a fun weekend, what ever it is you choose to do!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I am so excited to finally start this new chapter in my life. I can now spend all the time I want in my fabulous studio, making beautiful things to wear.

I have collected vintage textiles and vintage jewelry parts for years. And have made clothing and jewelry in the past, but mostly for myself or friends. But now I will be making one of a kind clothing, bags and jewelry to share with everyone.

I make each piece myself. I hand dye some of the pieces. I also make altered clothing. I have fun designing each item. But because I don't use a pattern, it can be time consuming. So there is some trial and error.  For that reason building up my collection will take time. I will be offering my designs on Etsy. And once I do get a good number of items completed, I will be offering them at vintage venues also.

I am so thankful for my husband, friends and family who have encouraged me to
 "Just Do It"