Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Few New Creations.....

So I have been busy working in my studio.  But I have to admit, I am not the best at editing and watermarking my photos.  I'm still learning and I have no patients when it comes to technical things!  But thankfully my friend Karen Valentine has enough patients for both of us :)

So here are a few of the pieces I have ready for you!  This sweet belt was fun to create with all of it's layers.
This little cross body bag is made from a vintage cut velvet runner, so yes that means that I have two available!!

                         This top I made with vintage crocheted pieces I dyed a beautiful turquoise.

Please feel free to contact me for information on purchasing any of these item. I'm still working on getting my Etsy shop set up.

Thanks so much for viewing my blog!